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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step?
A free on-site evaluation. We will come to the location of the sale and prepare a plan that caters to YOUR individual situation and needs.
How much does this service cost? There is no up front cost. McKenzie’s Estate Fee is paid by 30%-40% of the gross receipts and will be taken from the sale proceeds.
PRICING? All items, new, used, collectible and antique, will be priced at an Estate Sale level. This price is BELOW retail. Our basis for pricing comes from the following: Our knowledge, internet research and our actual selling experience throughout the years in business.
ADVERTISING? It varies from: advertise in local town paper, E-mail our customers, post on our web site and Craig’s List, and put directional signs on nearby thoroughfares.
After the Sale? We will discuss and plan different options that are available for you (donate/remove/other), because there are always items that do not sell. 

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