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It's An Estate Sale Not A Garage Sale

It Time to Play………

It’s An Estate Sale NOT A Garage Sale


Garage Sale

What is it?

A garage sale is typically the sale of someone’s unwanted household items. Usually held in the garage or a driveway, a garage sale is a way for homeowner’s to purge items they no longer need. A slight variation on the garage sale is a yard sale… where someone has so much stuff to sell, it spills over into their yards and front lawns.

Estate Sale

What is it?

An estate sale is the sale of items from an estate of somebody who is moving, downsizing as well as someone who has passed. It also includes the sale of items from a home that has been abandoned or foreclosed. Sometimes estate sales are held by living family members of the deceased, who are trying to get rid of unwanted items. But often you’ll see estate sales run by companies hired by the living family members, to help with the burden of emptying and selling an entire home of possessions.

Both types of sales can have overlapping items however prices can vary. Professional Estate Sale Companies spend a significant time to research and price items in the sale, therefore some customer etiquette is appreciated.

NO Haggling Try Negotiating

It is always best to negotiate a price that is fair for both parties.

Some customers can just be aggresive when a price is $100 and ask if you will take $10.

That’s when I think I am a host of the Game: It’s an Estate Sale Not a Garage Sale.

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